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from by Herb-One

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01 Contact, is the answer, is the reason,
02 that everything happens, revealing the truth
03 Contact, is the secret, is the moment,
04 when everything happens, recording the proof


01 Yo, first things first, Hip-Hop died on Earth, disperse
02 throw your hands to the universe
03 my call alerts, all the people up on the set
04 I'm ripping the microphone & you ain't seen nothing yet
05 Yo, first things first, Hip-Hop died on Earth, disperse
06 throw your hands to the universe
07 my call alerts, all the people up on the set
08 I'm ripping the microphone & you ain't seen nothing yet

Verse One:

01 (Contact) All systems (go!) we have lift-off
02 we out the atmosphere, it's too late to get off
03 seeing Earth out the window & it's getting flicked off
04 about to make the jump to hyper-space & quickly get lost
05 in the depths of space in fate's hands
06 disposed of the corporate mandates & formulated the plans
07 for the relocation of Hip-Hop's home base
08 where there was just a planet now there's just empty space
09 (so don't panic, but the planet's just been destroyed)
10 we got off just in time, they said I was just being paranoid
11 we need to get this cargo to a safe location
12 they're gunna be trying to stop us from reaching our destination
13 the first priority is saving, the artifacts
14 publications, photographs, cassettes, CDs & wax
15 captured corporate spies will get dropped out the airlock
16 thanks for stopping in, I hope you gotta lotta oxygen

"Now wait a minute! Don't get us wrong, good, hi-fidelity is wonderful sound. Just listen to it."


01 As I concentrate, build it up & contemplate
02 rise & elevate, evaluate & anticipate
03 animate & invigorate, innovate & resuscitate
04 & regenerate this Hip-Hop that you love to hate
05 agitate, make me late, dictate, but I can't escape
06 watch it culminate, state to state, when I rush the gate
07 reciprocate, but who can relate, when I devastate
08 & illuminate with my innate capabilities

Verse Two:

01 (Contact) the alliance, warn 'em of the coming violence
02 we need to recruit pilots, & broadcast the defiance
03 live from Quasar 3C-273
04 the original Hip-Hop radio galaxy
05 (bwoop) the central computer's alerting me
06 to an anomaly interfering with radio frequency
07 up to the bridge to identify, the unidentified entity
08 a full fleet of discreet, cloaked battle ships
09 about to let them know that we can't coexist
10 they break formation like Galaga, make me wanna Astroflip
11 send communication let em know they not slick for that,
12 "they'd better be quick to react & respond back!"
13 so we prepare for combat, gear up & make contact
14 attack-mode battle plan, ready to launch that
15 trying to catch us off guard? & we'll quickly block that
16 & stomp that, (yo, it's like that?) It's like that!

"What you have heard, is just a sample, of a new miracle in sound recording. A sample of the hours of enjoyment that are yours with..."


from The One & Only, released September 27, 2011
©2011 Astroflip Recordings. A division of Astroflip Corporation. All rights reserved.
Scratches by: DJ Kage. Bassline Arrangement by: Quinn Truckenbrod. Recorded at Quinn’s House, Buffalo, NY.



all rights reserved


Herb-One Ann Arbor, Michigan

Herb-One is an emcee and producer out of Nowhere, U.S.A. He currently resides in Beijing, China. His music is his distinct blend of boom-bap; lyrically intricate, scratch laden, bass heavy, sample-based Hip-Hop following the ascetics of the golden era sound. His debut album, 'The One & Only' released on Astroflip Recordings is out now. ... more

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